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Hey, I’m Zeb!

I am a startup investor and advisor living the vagabond life on the road. I am interested in global emerging markets and meeting the people innovating in them. My passions are focused on technology, startups, music, politics, and learning about what makes people tick. I am a big believer in leaving this world better than we found it. Contact me, and let’s chat about startups and travel!

Vagabond VC

Vagabond VC is a media, investment, and advisory firm focused on startups in global emerging markets. I release a regular newsletter on trends in these markets and conduct interviews with individuals in the venture capital ecosystem. I also advise startups on business development and venture funding. I created Vagabond VC’s concept in 2018, which is also when I began Angel Investing in startups. I officially launched the platform in 2020, and I currently run it as my side hustle to date. Do you know a founder or VC in an emerging market to whom I should talk? Let me know!


My home base is in Nashville, TN, but I prefer to be homeless on the road in some foreign country. I am fascinated by the world we live in, and I want to see all of it. When I’m not doing something involved with venture capital, startups, or travel, I’m typically reading a book, exercising, golfing, or at a concert. Other personal interests? I’m a fan of David Lynch movies, Lord Huron music, and Pittsburgh Steelers football. I am a *former* musician and grew up on punk rock. I keep telling myself I will pick up my guitar and play in a band again on the side, and I am holding myself to that! I am a medically licensed first responder, and when I am at home, I volunteer at the Nolensville Fire Department. We do a lot of good for the community, and the skills I continually learn and the people I work with have made this role one of the most rewarding things I do.

Professional Background

In my startup advising, I focus on business development, operations, and fundraising strategies. I am currently on the marketing team for Seedstars, where I lead our analytics efforts for studying entrepreneurial ecosystems in emerging markets. Before this, I did content marketing and led operations for Sutton Capital, a global venture fund and VC education program based in New York. I have several certifications in the VC field, including VC University from U.C. Berkeley and Venture Deals from Techstars.

My key professional strengths for startups include startup fundamentals, go-to-market strategy, business operations, and KPI reporting. I am experienced with capitalization table analysis, valuations, term sheets, due diligence, pitch decks, and fundraising strategy for venture funding purposes.

I have been fortunate to have had a successful career before pivoting into the VC and startup ecosystem. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Tennessee with a dual-focused major in Marketing and Supply Chain Management. I also completed my minor study in Psychology. My official career background is in Supply Chain Operations, which I have done in several industries, including Transportation, Retail, Consumer Goods, and Pharmaceuticals. I hold a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification in this field, prioritizing process optimization and improvement.